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The available scientific production follows various directions. Most of the times, in the framework of geopolitical and international relations approaches, Kaliningrad is presented as a major issue in the relations between Russia and the European Union, especially since the Oblast is totally surrounded by European Union member countries since In a critical geopolitical approach, Pami Aalto had ly demonstrated that Kaliningrad can become an opportunity for the EU Kaoiningrad consolidate its geopolitical subjectivity, in the wider context of its relation with Russia Aalto,


Pollock The second priority concerned people-to-people cooperation, socio-cultural integration and the labor market priority 2.

This comparison highlights the prerequisites for mutually Kalinkngrad interregional cooperation. In this new context, the formal involvement of the Kaliningrad region increased and the cooperation between Lithuanian and Polish districts on the contrary decreased. Such an approach shows the interest of putting individual players, their behaviour and their representations at the very heart of the analysis. Snuggle This priority included 91 projects and the same regions of collaboration.

Kaliningrad: from russian relic to baltic boom town | the independent

The territorial cooperation between Polish and Russian local and national governments started in the s and two intergovernmental Councils were established in Russian-Polish Council, composed by 12 commissions working on thematic issues and Russian-Lithuanian Council, with 8 commissions. But she acted uninterested. Mcalear Intransit to Russia already required a foreign passport except for air and ferry travel.

This theoretical renewal is rooted in social constructivism, which poses that any region is a social construct in perpetual becoming. Just looking to meet some new people and make new friend.

The German population disappeared, never to return. In this line of thought, and according to D.

Hettne and F. First, on the budget, things started very slowly: there was no call for projects before and the selection procedure was quite long until February This new program is more pragmatic than the one and is better balanced between soft and hard projects. More than New approaches were developed in recent researches dedicated to the construction of the European Union Guiraudon, ; Rumford, ; Smith, ; Manners, ; Favell,standing out from political and economic mainstream approaches.

Special transit documents for railway and other land transportation were issued for transit to Russia and back. These problems have obvious transborder implications.

Earwiggy As a result, the region developed large automotive, electronics, and electro-technical clusters based on the import substitution principle Fedorov, In this context, in order to guarantee their own security and to support the development of their own border regions, the European Union and various countries of the Baltic region state that Kaliningrad should be better integrated in the Baltic region, by reducing the Kaliningradd effect of the frontier.

Stopboard Besides, regional integration, regardless of the size of the territorial systems considered, is a process driven by the interactions between actors at all levels, from the individual and other non-state actors to the international organizations. Leninism Vladimir Putin has made it clear on various occasions.

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Syndical Witen Adult dating hookup Kaliningrad Russia Find your bookmarks in your Independent Minds section, under my profile. Consequently, the local population minimised its relationship with the EU countries, including the neighbouring regions. One can suppose that the car cluster project announced in in the framework of a public-private partnership in a context of decreasing car production and demand can provoke similar conflicts Information on the socio-economic situation, ; Vylegzhanina, The mild maritime climate, comfortable living conditions, and proximity to Europe attract migrants to the region.

A second obstacle lies within the administrative procedures of territorial cooperation at the external borders of the EU. It in interregional economic and political conflicts.

In Poland, the population of the northern regions remains more or less stable. A trump card because Moscow perfectly knows that Brussels considers the Kaliningrad region as a threat and a danger see below. Two main priorities of the program are aimed at solving common problems and challenges in sustainable use of environment, accessibility improvement and improvement of social, economic and spatial development tourism, governance and education, small and medium entrepreneurs, labor market.

Under the pressure from the Association of Russian Automakers, Avtotor had to close the Chery assembly line, which posed serious competitive threat to the AvtoVAZ production.

The russian exclave of kaliningrad. challenges and limits of its integration in the baltic region

Poland and Lithuania become more accessible and set the model pattern. In a word, Kaliningrad suffers from contradictions and disagreements in the Russia-EU relation.

The program is deed to ensure public support for the region: to eliminate excessive administrative barriers in the field of customs administration, to consider prolongation of the transition provisions of the SEZ lawto introduce a special regime for goods transportation between the Kaliningrad region and the rest of the Customs Union, as well as additional tax concessions corporate income tax, property tax, VAT, etc. Numerous projects connected with preservation of the common historical heritage of East Prussia.

It does not take into the huge experience of cross-border cooperation.

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Regional integration as a top-down and bottom-up process at the crossro of institutions, representations and practices 1 For an extensive presentation of this concept in sociological approaches, see Social Integration: A Explainer videos. I that who will change this world to the best. We observe the practices of non-institutional actors and individuals in a context theoretically favourable to better cooperation and integration.

Briefly speaking, the European vision is clearly shaped Prkvate justice and security issues. Overall, the official paper of the Foreign Affairs of Russia very skeptically assesses efficiency of the euroregions' activity and their future development. That's what my Mom always did.

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The most part of megaprojects is realised in borderland districts Mamonovo and Braniewo, Gusev and Goldup, Sovetsk and Panemune in the transport sphere: modernisation of crossing points, construction of treatment facilities and so on. As a result, when we question the possible integration of the Kaliningrad Oblast in the Baltic region, it is essential to esx the behaviour of these actors — local populations, involved public institutions from the local to the national and even European levels — and the representations that determine their behaviour.

Because of — and thanks to — the very special situation of this region, Kaliningrad is at the same time seen by the Russian part as a matter of concern and as a trump card.

At the same time, the rural population from 29 Russian regions and 4 Soviet republics was resettled to the Kalinungrad. But complicated procedures to cross the borders of the Baltic countries by train necessity of foreign passport and by car necessity of visa decrease the intensity of communications.

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