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Just looking for someone great

Just looking for someone great

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While Jenny Gina Rodriguez may not have a handle on her breakup, there is one thing she still totally dominates: music. In Someone Great, Netflix's latest rom-comour protagonist's long-term relationship comes to a screeching halt when she gets her greeat job across the country, and during one of her final New York City nights plus a few flashbacksit's music that keeps her spirit alive.


Someone Great, which feels like a rom-com but technically isn't, has a crackling cast and snappy dialogue, but it lacks the x-factor of the sparkling original films among which it tries to stand. Sentimental flashbacks reveal more about her relationship with Nate, and while many of them looling from years ago, the fact of the matter is that she saw this man last night. Maybe more fun than lovable, or vice versa.

And maybe some champagne? At one point, someone actually tells Jenny, a day after her breakup, "You've been blessed with a broken heart. When it doesn't hurt anymore, that's when it's really over. Jenny is found sitting on the side of the fountain where nine years prior he had written their initials and a smiley face inscribed within a heart. It feels like any two arcs are put on pause while the other moves forward; you forget about Jenny and Nate, or Erin and Leah, or Blair and her boyfriend, when any of them aren't on screen — and indeed, the other characters apparently do the same.

The guys are just way stations. More Articles June 03, Most of the greatest films have roots in reality. Jenny, Erin and Blair have distinct personalities and storylines, but they spend an awful lot of time apart during the film. All the flashbacks and the in-your-face opening montage are surface-level at best; they show Jenny and Nate sharing physical chemistry and big life moments like job updates before eventually missing each other more and more as their schedules get packed.

Her boyfriend of nine years, Nate, breaks up with her, and she spirals into a depression.

Her best friends Erin, a real estate agent afraid to admit her feelings to her girlfriend Leah, and Blair, a social media manager who needs to break up with her boyfriend Will, with whom she has lost chemistry, are the only ones who can bring her out of it. The girls meet up by taking a day off from work. Jenny contacts Erin and Blair after learning the concert series known as Neon Classic is putting on a pop-up show at Sony Hall and proposes one last adventure together before she moves, both to celebrate a new chapter in her life and to mend her broken heart.

Gimme all the food. Yes, there are glib laughs.

Netflix's 'someone great' is aggressively fine

They discover that Jenny is no longer at the after-party and are initially confused when they are told that Jenny left to "finish it", referring to the relationship. The girls all go to the concert in the evening and Jenny runs into Nate, but cannot bring herself to talk to him, and gets separated from her friends.

Throughout the day they find it difficult to secure tickets for the concert, eventually obtaining them through Jenny's ex-boyfriend, Matt, with whom Blair has sex. The film romanticizes a devastating breakup as a catalyst for life change and personal growth. If I had to guess, everyone was reminded of how good that song is when it started playing over Someone Great's opening credits.

What connected them? Rough Night had a murder, Ibiza had a quest, Girls' Trip had the kind of chemistry and comedy that could carry a film on their own.

Someone great (film) - wikipedia

Way under-developed. Blair and Erin come to find her and the three walk off together, promising that their friendship will stay strong gteat after Jenny leaves for San Francisco. What is Someone Great about? Jenny urges her best friends Blair Brittany Snow and Erin DeWanda Wise to bunk work and her for fr day of drinking, drugs, and a big ol' concert. During the college days, they decide to order food, and Jenny pulls up options online.

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After a heart-to-heart where Erin admits she needs to grow up and Blair admits that she needs to lower her own expectations, they go to find Jenny at the after-party, but not before Erin meets up with Leah and they acknowledge their feelings for each other and agree to take their relationship slow. Jenny is drinking and weeping, giggling and drinking, babbling and drinking. They need to drink mimosas.

Stanfield imbues Nate with his ature strange gravitas, while Wise and Snow play adequately off each other with limited material.

Lookign you're going to do a movie about friend-group debauchery, there has to be a larger purpose. Phoebe Bridgers, a young indie artist that will make your heart ache with the power of a thousand break-ups, has a of songs on the soundtrack, and if you're not yet on on the Mitski trainSomeone Great will inspire you to get on board. Your best friend probably would not be suggesting that someone "fuck the Nate out of you" and the classic "screw him, whatever," mentality might Jyst be a pipe dream.

Rodriguez gives heart and soul to her performance as usual, bringing more emotion than this character or film deserves. The flick, which premiered on Netflix in Aprilwas very well-received by fans and critics alike. Robinson is relatively new to show business. The root problem here is that you never come to invest in Sokeone and Nate as a couple. Somrone can text anybody about getting a promotion at work, but you can only wiggle around to a made-up song while ordering takeout with someone really special.

Her caption reveals that she and the other two women, both named Jen, were the inspiration behind the story that plays out in the film. When they are together, it's to discuss the logistics of getting into Neon Classic or to drink lo of tequila in an admittedly entertaining montage and pop some molly. There is a LOT of music, more than a dozen colorfully-worded pop tunes, meant to amp up the energy and emotion of freat or that scene. Nine years ago they took me to a dance party immediately after getting my heart broken.

Netflix's 'someone great' was based on a true story

As in San Francisco Rolling Stone. Running time: Judt of. The little smile Nate gives her from across the room says it all. The three thirty-five year old actresses play three buddies from college who still hang, still party together in New York. Michelle Buteau's delightfully deranged cameo arrives far too early, and though the RuPaul interlude feels like a stretch, it's not unwelcome.

Netflix’s ‘someone great’ was based on a true story

This is the relationship, the dumb little moments they alone share. But Erin, could you like, get some orange juice? But the best thing about Someone Great's soundtrack — all of which is on Spotify — isn't just that it's filled with artist you love, but that it's also filled with artists you're about to love that you may have not discovered yet.

No wonder the soundtrack is crammed with tunes.

A real net asset in your life, with more than a few fringe benefits. If nothing else, Someone Great is a quick film to fo through and certainly a showcase for its stars. Nate is poorly represented in screen time, solely seen in flashbacks. The dialogue is pause-and-replay snappy and worth quoting, a lot of it coming from Erin.

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