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I really dont know what my ideal match it.

I really dont know what my ideal match it.
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How to use a 'love list' to find your ideal romantic partner The four-step process of putting pen to paper and outlining your perfect mate. Elena Murzello developed the "love list" as a tool to help people identify what they are looking for in a potential partner. It ended when he went to Vegas knoow a bachelor party and met a girl. The next weekend he broke up with me; in three months they were engaged, in six months they were marriedand then they moved into the apartment that we lived in together. Needless to say, I wuat disappointed.


Some couples believe they need lies to survive, yet research shows that lying less is linked to better relationships. Imagine that you are a non-judgmental secret self-love agent and your job is to provide a report of your findings of this inner research. To truly grow up means recognizing and resolving early childhood traumas or losses, and then dpnt how these events influence our current behaviors.

Instead, what you should look for in a partner is emotional maturity. Seeking perfection is an idle search. Yet, choosing people who strive to live by the qualities listed above will help ensure our best chance at happiness in donf relationship. Keeping your relationship vital and intimate is part of making love last. That doesn't mean that you just like the same idfal of art or listen to the same sort of music.

A sense of humor can be a lifesaver in a relationship. We may be drawn to more specific traits like creativity raelly work ethic, green thumbs or blue eyes. If a relationship demonstrates each of dnt attributes, Goldstein explained, that's how you know it's built to last. Dishonesty confuses the other person, destroying their trust along with their sense of reality. They possess a maturity that comes from being emotionally emancipated from their family of origin.

The ideal partner realizes the importance of honesty in a close relationship.

How to use a 'love list' to find your ideal romantic partner

Really reflect on your needs versus your wants, says Murzello. Help support our effort to bring psychological information to the public by making a donation. Having broken ties to old identities and patterns, this relly is more available to their partner and the new family they have created, as oppose to the one in which they were born.

In those movies, no matter how difficult the circumstances around the couple were, they would somehow resolve those issues and walk off into the sunset to live happily ever after.

The ideal partner is easily affectionate and responsive on many levels: physically, emotionally and verbally. Did I really need a list?

Openness Along with emotional maturity, one of the things to look for in a partner kt. an openness to feedback. They came from a place of knowing myself deeply and wanting to give myself nothing less than the best. Plan Be mentally prepared and have an open frame of mind.

I allowed these stories to settle in my mind and heart as truth, as something I should expect—every whatt. I kind of went into a hibernation and I went back to grad school. Murzello walks us through her four-step process to putting pen to paper and writing your own love list.

Nothing has a more destructive impact on a close relationship between two people than dishonesty and deception. I like that.

The ideal partner has a sense of humor. They sounded more like demands than requests or desires.

What to look for in a partner

Pay attention to how you meet your own emotional needs. I knew my unhealed places and my must-haves based on it core values. What kind of a life do you imagine having if all your wishes came true? Elena Murzello developed the "love list" as a tool to help people identify what they are looking for in a lnow partner. Were they too controlling? Use your experiences, both bad and good, to your advantage, Murzello recommends.

How to tell if you're a good match - insider

Emotional Maturity Every person comes equipped with flaws and emotional baggage. Rather this person is looking for someone like themselves.

whwt By being resilient and hearing each other out, they construct a solid foundation for a workable relationship that is sure to evolve over time. There may be no such thing as the perfect partner, but an ideal partner can be found in someone who has developed themselves in certain ways that go beyond looks, charms and success. :. Since I wrote my new list almost three months ago, I feel relaxed in the knowledge that the right partner will show up when he is due.

What kind of a response do you like to get for them?

How to use a 'love list' to find your ideal romantic partner

There is even a bigger, unexpected benefit to the new version filtered through self-love: this new list feels real, achievable, and believable to me. But of course, a lot of people end up in relationships where they don't really feel like themselves. Refer to your list often and revise it as you learn more about yourself and what you want in a potential partner. And there was a clear evolution between the characteristics that made the cut now, versus the ones that her year-old self had jotted down 10 years earlier.

When it comes to the length of your list, less is more, she says. An ideal partner is respectful of and sensitive to the other, having uniquely individual goals and priorities. No person is perfect, of course, but here are eight key qualities to look for in a partner: 1.

Even in such painful situations as infidelity, the blatant deception involved is often more hurtful than the unfaithful act itself. These were the questions that ran through Murzellos head. An ideal mh has a sense of humor! Who do you share your joys with? Your relationship has the right i. They are looking for another adult with qualities similar to theirs, with whom they can share life in a compatible fashion. Empathetic In addition to being a good communicator, you should look for a partner who is empathetic.

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