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Drunk sex party tumblr

Drunk sex party tumblr

Name: Yetty

Age: 50
City: Posey County, West Greenwich
Hair: Dishevelled waves
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Relationship Status: Married


My first time having sex was just. I look back on it now and laugh and feel like such a horrible horrible person. This is kinda a long story, so settle back and kick your feet up, Anon.


We immediately strip and start fucking. All I know is that her sober neighbors take advantage of me and make me do some stupid dance, in my underwear. Either take a shot or take of your clothes. I leave their room hysterically laughing. For now, call me Mous.

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Shanikwa is horrified. I love music, partying, girls. The alcohol sinks in as I feel the blood rush to my head and legs. The RA on the floor comes out and tells me politely to shut-the-fuck-up.

Drunk sluts

Hannah and Ttumblr were best friends at the time, so shes like, hey lets call J who was still dating Ali and hang out for awhile! I really don't care.

When I was sixteen, I used to go to the skatepark down the street from my house. Penny takes a couple half shots.

FWD almost two years. I am drunk. If you don't believe anything I am saying, that's fine. If you don't like what I say, don't follow me. I kissed him back.

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I was hurt and angry with myself and eventually, J and Ali broke up and I told Ali everything. Let's learn a bit about me All I know is that it is currently pm, I just did about half of my drnuk homework, I have a quiz at 8am, I need to study, but for some reason, this seems like a better idea.

We meet eyes. I am just wearing a thin pair of boxers.

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Penny approves. At the time, I felt justified.

At some point my dick falls out. I aex that sounds really defining, like as if that couldn't apply to anyone else, but whatever! She takes my shirt off and runs off. We were offered free vokda.

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We tried knocking on doors of neighbors fumblr kids who lived on my hall to see if they knew of anything going on. I will try to keep this blog updated, but as a college student, procrastination is my middle name. They are playing music in their dorm, and there are people who I have never met in the room.

The girls are drunk. A University.

I moved to FL for various reasons and lived in a really great house in Venice with my older tumble, brother-in-law and my niece, in June. Let the game begin! I do not stop.

I am just trying to entertain some kids while they procrastinate from homework. The nature of the stories could question thmblr standards and character. I had finished most of my work, and we wanted to go out.

The game halts. Oh well…no thirsty thursday…for a couple days at least. I am changing ALL names and identities for legal reasons that I just don't feel like dealing with.

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